Enrollment Options for Children with Family Members Already in Coverage

  • Some families may have a child already enrolled in full-scope Medi-Cal (citizen, legal immigrant, or PRUCOL-eligible child) while their undocumented immigrant sibling may gain eligibility for full-scope coverage as of May 2016. Until May 2016, the undocumented immigrant sibling likely qualifies for restricted-scope Medi-Cal.
  • If the undocumented immigrant sibling is not yet enrolled in Medi-Cal coverage (e.g., restricted scope coverage), the parent can enroll an undocumented child by filling out a MC 371 “add a family member” form which would add the undocumented immigrant child to the existing family’s Medi-Cal case using the family’s existing information. This form is also available in all 13 threshold languages on the DHCS website.
  • Remember, if undocumented immigrant children are enrolled in restricted-scope Medi-Cal, families don’t need to fill out any additional forms or applications for their undocumented immigrant children to transition from restricted-scope to full-scope Medi-Cal. Children in restricted-scope coverage will be automatically transferred when the expansion takes place on May 16, 2016.