Children Enrolled in Healthy Kids and Kaiser programs

Healthy Kids and local county programs

  • Based on the Healthy Kids policy, a child is not eligible for Healthy Kids if s/he is eligible for full-scope Medi‐Cal.
  • All Healthy Kids programs are encouraging families to enroll in restricted-scope Medi‐Cal, if not already enrolled.

Kaiser Child Health Plan (KCHP)

Read Kaiser’s letter to community-based organizations explaining the impact of the Health4All Kids Medi-Cal expansion on families enrolled in KCHP. You can also find the communications Kaiser has sent to enrolled families by following these links:

  • Initial Communication—Your Health Care Coverage Options May Be Changing (English|Spanish)
  • Follow-Up Communication—You and/or Your Child’s Enrollment in Child Health Plan May Be Ending, Version 1 (English/Spanish Combined), Version 2 (English/Spanish Combined)
  • Kaiser Permanente Recertification Form (English| Spanish)


Additional information:

  • It is recommended that KCHP members apply now for restricted-scope Medi-Cal. KCHP members must apply via standard Medi-Cal application (See How to Apply for Medi-Cal resources).
  • Full KCHP coverage and financial assistance will continue until a child is enrolled into full-scope Medi-Cal. No child will be disenrolled from KCHP solely because of delays in the transition process to full-scope Medi-Cal.
  • Families should continue to pay KCHP premiums until enrollment into Medi-Cal is complete.
  • KCHP may partner with local county Medi-Cal offices to identify which children are enrolled in both KCHP and Medi-Cal to ensure a smooth transition into full-scope Medi-Cal.
  • Contact Kaiser directly through one of their enrollment assistance organizations listed in the Enrollment Assistance Flyer or call the Member Service Contact Center at 1-800-464-4000.

Premiums may apply in Medi-Cal.

  • In addition to current premiums, families will need to pay premiums for restricted-scope Medi-Cal, so families subject to premiums may decide not to enroll in restricted-scope Medi-Cal in advance of the expansion due to cost concerns.